To purchase a book:
  After spending several years analyzing the bookselling business, it became apparent to me that the only way I could keep an eye on the quality of the printing, be certain that the service for my readers was on a par with my expectations, and have rational shipping charges for my books, was to do it all myself. That is why the only source for my work is this website. I will, however, keep the process simple. There are two methods for purchasing a book: Direct Deposit, and PayPal. You can use your credit card or banking information to make a one-time purchase, using PayPal, so do not feel that you have to have an account with them, to facillitate a purchase through their system. If you are not in the European Union, I do not recommend direct deposit, for the fees may far exceed the cost of the book, and that would not be a good thing.  
  The cost of Impaired Ocular Acuity... including shipping worldwide, is now only 15,50 €, with the exception of Germany, where the cost is 14,00 €. (Danke, Deutshce Post for the postage price reduction.) All books are shipped Air Mail in a very secure packet designed for the specific dimensions of the book, to keep it safe from just about anything - with the possible exception of a flamethrower.
To make a purchase using Direct Deposit:

If you wish to utilize Direct Deposit as a means of purchasing a book, please send me an email, and I will respond with the necessary banking information. This will enable me to properly identify the payee, and ship the book to the right person.

To make a purchase using PayPal:
NOTE: You can make a one-time purchase using PayPal, without opening an account with them. It is simple to do so with either your banking information or credit card and their system is very secure.

Price of Impaired Ocular Acuity and Other Demented Synapses, including Air-Mail service: 15,50 € Worldwide and 14,00 € for German residents only.

Price of Impaired Ocular Acuity..., including Air-Mail service:

When making a purchase using either of the processes available on this page, please remember that the price listed is in Euro. PayPal will allow you to make your purchase in Euro, and your bank can help you convert to the proper currency, when you make a direct deposit.

Danke! Merci! Thank you!