Excerpt: Impaired Ocular Acuity

     Chuck stretched his right leg and as he did, he looked toward the far wall. There, several girls were leaning over a table, as if sharing some vitally important secret. Chuck checked them out, but most of them were mediocre, though one girl was leaning in so far that her tartan-patterned skirt was hiked up to her panties and Chuck liked how her legs looked.
     He was about to continue scanning, but the sudden shift in position of the girl and two others of the group exposed a figure seated in a chair at their table. What Chuck saw first was a profile and it stopped him cold.
     "Damn!" he murmured aloud, without thinking. The face was slim, with a perfectly shaped nose and eyelashes that looked as if they could sweep the floor without her even shifting her position. Although these were attributes he liked, it was the shape of the mouth that held him: full lips, almost pouty, and devoid of any lipstick, yet possessing a muted, ox-blood-red hue. He stared at her for several seconds, drinking in the pale, almost translucent cheeks and the wavy brown hair, cascading over her perfectly shaped ears.
     He was still staring, when she turned, and her eyes met his. Always the cool one, Chuck would normally have casually turned in his chair at this point, yet the deep, rich green of her eyes and the effect of seeing her full on was so powerful, he could not pull himself away.